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Eclipse is a tight-knit collective of musicians in Perth, Western Australia. We improvise, we react with the crowd, and we are totally in on whatever experience you want to create on your big day. We curate our performances to whatever you are envisioning – from song choice to our wardrobe – to help you create your dream atmosphere.

We also make it our business to stay on top of all the well-loved songs of our time, from 1970’s funk to the Aussie rock classics to the grooves of today’s pop divas and top-chart songs. Our repertoire of songs is massive, and chances are that we already know your faves. (Even if we don’t, we will learn them for you anyway.) There’s something about having the music created right there and live that sparks energy in a space that would not have been conceived any other way.

Not every wedding calls for the same approach, so we created three variations on our Eclipse group to help you curate the atmosphere you are after:

- The full party band
Big sound, big energy, big love. This option is for dancing all night until your feet get blisters.

- The acoustic trio
When you’re after a more relaxed atmosphere but you still want to keep things lively. Crowd favourite songs performed as acoustic arrangements with a light back-beat from the drums.

- The acoustic duo
For those tear-jerking ceremony moments that just need a really good slow ballad or classic, feel-good song.