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Thanks for wandering by!Everything I do here is underpinned by a philosophy of creating unique, bohemian experiences that wholeheartedly reflect your love story, but also have the purpose of paying it forward.The Wedding Wanderer is all about celebrating the forever love between you and your person. We do this through creating the words for your ceremony together, sprucing up the perfect space to share it in and running the show from start to finish so you can enjoy every single moment of it.When you choose The Wedding Wanderer, you're choosing a bespoke ad personalised approach to your day. Together we will design, plan and create a ceremony that sets the tone for your perfect day, and design a space that you really connect with. Writing a ceremony and styling your space are like creating a work of art that's unique to your love story. What's more, a portion of all service fees go directly into The White Dress Foundation, so your wedding day is about celebrating your love, but also paying it forward. That's got to be a good omen for the start of your marriage!So pull out your Pinterest board and lets start planning your dream wedding!